Guidelines for the Use of Essendon Canoe Club Facilities







From time to time club members or other incorporated bodies (eg: CV Committees Ð Sprint, marathon, Polo etc, local clubs) may have cause to request the use of  a significant proportion of the clubrooms for a private function, activity or event.  This use is to be approved by the Committee and must adhere to the guidelines in the following paragraphs.


Approval for Use of ECC Facilities for Private Function or Event


Approval is to be sought from the committee on the form supplied on the website (or from the clubrooms) to the club Secretary.  The request is to be in writing and shall be submitted at least six weeks in advance to allow for approval and to prevent calendar conflicts with other club events.


If the request is submitted with less than six weeks notice it should be assumed that NO approval has been given by the Committee.  In this case, consideration may be given by the club executive (President, Secretary and Treasurer) providing all the guidelines are still met.  This is not the ideal situation and should be the exception rather than the norm.


Conditions of Use of ECC Facilities


Use of the ECC clubrooms for private functions, activities or events must adhere to the following conditions:


  • Approval must be granted as outlined above.
  • At least one club member (the Responsible Member) must be present throughout the function or event.
  • The Responsible Member must ensure that these guidelines and those at Annex A attached are adhered to fully.
  • The function must not interfere with the normal operations of the club.
  • If alcohol is to be served at the function, a temporary liquor licence must be obtained from the relevant authority, with a copy being provided to the club prior to the event.
  • The club must be left clean and tidy with all rubbish placed in the council bins outside the club. 
  • The function should not be part of a commercial operation.
  • Any club equipment used during the function (including boats, paddles, PFD, BBQs etc) must be cleaned and returned to the correct storage position.
  • The Responsible Member or the event organisers will cover the cost of reparation of any damage of club equipment.
  • If the activity or event has non-members wishing to paddle, the application shall outline how many potential paddlers are involved and how they will be supervised.
  • The activity or event shall ensure that the boat storage area is secured at all times as per the general rules of the club.
  • A record of all in attendance shall be submitted to the club or entered into the club attendance register.




Fees for Use of Club


A nominal fee for the use of the club will be charged to cover cleaning of the club and usage of club equipment.  The fees charged will be as follows:


  • If the use is by an individual or family – Nil
  • If the use is by another club or incorporated body – $250
  • If the event or activity is to be a regular event that is repeated a number of times through the year, then the other club or incorporated body shall pay an annual fee of up to 10 times the daily rate as determined by the committee.


Notice to Club Members


Once the use of the club is approved, all club members will be notified via a notice on the website.



Annex A Ð Check List for Use of ECC Facilities


The Responsible Member must ensure the following occurs while using ECC Facilities:


  • Maintain security of building at all times, and prevent function guests access to boat storage area, unless they are using the equipment as part of the function.

  • Be first to open club, remain at function, last to leave and lock up.

  • Be responsible for all function guests, especially children whether in club rooms, in surrounds of building, safety on or near the river and including on floating pontoon.

  • Keep closed Main access door so general public do not wander into boat storage area and change rooms. Members will still require club key for access.

  • Limit function noise to a minimum, consideration must be given to the neighbourhood area and limit any noise to EPA  and Council regulations.

  • Be responsible for ensuring kitchen left clean with all equipment used put away in correct location, cleaning includes fixed kitchen bbq plate and fat trays emptied, portable gas bbq plate and fat trays emptied, gas for both turned off at wall and gas bottle tap respectively.

  • Ensure no function food is left in fridges unless it is to be used again, then it must be dated and named.

  • Ensure all rubbish is bagged up and removed to council bins, with new bag liner left in club bins. If there is too much rubbish and the bins overflow, the excess rubbish is to be removed by the Responsible Member or the event organisers in the case of an incorporated body.

  • Be responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the temporary liquor licence are adhered to if any alcohol is present, particularly ensuring that no underage drinking occurs.

  • Ensure Gym equipment is left packed away in correct storage location.

  • Ensure that any club equipment (boats, PFDs, paddles etc) used during the function are cleaned and returned to their correct storage location.